Construction House 10-24-13 I've added a web gallery as a single stop to find some of my most recent work. The "new art" button above now redirects there.
07-18-07 I painted a dragon for the McFarlane Myspace Art Contest and was sellected as one of the winners. Some larger images and a brief step by step are posted here.
07-08-07 I had two pieces accepted into Gallery Lombardi for their Radical Nautical exhibit, running August 2nd - September 1st. It's the first time I've had my work printed on canvas and the pieces turned out great.
06-16-07 I've been working on so many video game projects, I haven't had much time to post new work. But here's a recent comic page, part of The Hypotheticals, written by R.S. Deese and included in MungBeing 14.
02-15-07 One of my paintings was highlighted in the Jan 07 issue of ImagineFX as the first ever "Image of the week."
10-27-06 A few weeks ago I was invited to do an official tutorial over at's creature of the week section. Here's a link to the step-by-step thread: Hypnotizing
08-25-06 My NEWEST PAINTINGS are on my Myspace page.
05-01-06 I've finished a major content update to the website: A lot of my work from Activision's Ultimate Spider-Man video game has been added (see pages "concepts" 1 & 2) as well as other odds and ends. I'm still filling out the contact and links pages - they should be updated soon.

12-08-05 This link is a few weeks late: Adventures in Synthetic Biology . It's a comic project I did with Drew Endy & Isodora Deese of MIT, and it made the cover of the journal Nature.

12-04-05 Back from China. Here are some pictures .

  11-14-05 I'm touring China until December 4th. I have a lot of work to update the website with when I get back: My Ultimate Spider-Man concept art for the video game and a comic project with MIT and Nature magazine.
3-20-05 Wow...An entire year has passed since I wrote anything here. How about this:The Mirror and the Monkey A graphic novel in progress with story by R.S.Deese and art by yours truly.
  3-20-04 has gone live on the net. There are still some gaps and unfinished work posted, but updates should be coming soon.